I was bored this week, I am waiting for the time at my current job to wind down before starting my next job on the 25th, while waiting started playing with GnuPG. I like it, I can see some nice uses for it, like signing software releases that I do for stuff, but at the same time I question how usefull GnuPG can be when md5sum calculator’s are dime a dozen and much easier to install and use vs setting up a GnuPG environment.

Software I found:

  • gpg4win – package with gnupg, winpt(key tool, tray tool), gpgsee(explorer shell integration), gpgol(outlook 2003), gpga(java key tool). (I only use winpt, gpga, gnupg)
  • gpgshell – Very Good GPG Explorer shell integration and tray tool, also can be run from a usb stick in “portable” mode
  • gunpg windows cli Current version of gnupg

Also if your going to use gpgshell in “portable” mode on a usb stick I’d recommend placing it on an encrypted disk/file using truecrypt so your key’s are kept safe!

And Now for my Key: GPG Key