To the dearly Departed – Melissa Levitin


The following was written by Ari Plessner:

Some of you know, some of you don’t. On January 27th at 9:40pm, my sister Melissa, one of the most important people in my life, and part of who I am passed away.

The following was written shortly after her passing.

My life once bright falls deep into grey
The sun won’t shine, it’s turned forever away
The heavens and earth could fall all around
I’d know naught of it, I can’t hear a sound
All I can hear is my pulse in my head
For the light of my life now dims, it is dead
Dead to the world, to shine never again
While the noise of the world falls to a din.
I am wrong to say that such a light can ever fail.
For it will live for ever in our hearts, the wind for our sail
To say that this light will never again shine,
Is to say that no one will ever again dine
The world must go on, it shall continue to turn
And for ever the candle of my sisters hall burn
Burn bright and burn true within the he arts of us all
Such a beacon so bright, that all the world will call.
It will call out her name with such joy and such heart.
That all of us may hold her light in our hearts.

The funeral was beautiful and I believe that Melissa would have been honored to see all of her friends and family there to say good bye.