This is the best mainstream file renamer I’ve found! It’s pretty awesome!

It only costs $24.95 for the Windows version and $19.95 for the Mac version. It’s perfect for the more than casual rename but less than the I need to rename 50K files!

BFR for Windows

BFR for Mac

NAB was Kool!

Yeah…so NAB2006 is over…it was pretty interesting. This Year I only got to see the South Hall Lower Level. Next year I’m planning on spending at least 2 day’s so that I can hopefully see more than just the South Hall, or Even more of the South Hall. :)  so yeah…



Yes it’s that time of year again! NAB2006 is here! I’m flying out to vegas tonight to see the show tomorrow. Should be interesting 🙂 For those of you who don’t know what NAB is, here is the link!

National Association of Broadcasters