Vyatta is a Linux-based router, firewall and VPN solution that can help you affordably build enterprise-class networks by delivering the performance, reliability and features of proprietary networking devices in an open-source package. Currently Community Version 4(VC4) is in Beta Testing. I’ve Looked at Vyatta before, VC4 is supposed to have large enhancements. It’s also neat that it’s available preinstalled in a VMware(currently only VC3 and VC2.2 as VC4 is not finalized yet). [Read More]

NYC Trip :)

Well I’m in NYC on a buisness trip and it’s going really awesome so far. 🙂 This was the view out of my hotel window. I haven’t had a chance to see much yet as I flew in yesterday and was busy at a site today. I’m hoping to see some of the city Wednesday or Thursday before I fly back to LA. More pictures from my Hotel room [Read More]

Amazon AWS EC2

I was bored, that happens when my friends go out of town…

So started palying with Amazon’s EC2 it’s pretty awesome. I think it’s got potential…


This is the best mainstream file renamer I’ve found! It’s pretty awesome!

It only costs $24.95 for the Windows version and $19.95 for the Mac version. It’s perfect for the more than casual rename but less than the I need to rename 50K files!

BFR for Windows

BFR for Mac


I was bored this week, I am waiting for the time at my current job to wind down before starting my next job on the 25th, while waiting started playing with GnuPG. I like it, I can see some nice uses for it, like signing software releases that I do for stuff, but at the same time I question how usefull GnuPG can be when md5sum calculator’s are dime a dozen and much easier to install and use vs setting up a GnuPG environment. [Read More]

To the dearly Departed – Melissa Levitin

The following was written by Ari Plessner: Some of you know, some of you don’t. On January 27th at 9:40pm, my sister Melissa, one of the most important people in my life, and part of who I am passed away. The following was written shortly after her passing. My life once bright falls deep into grey The sun won’t shine, it’s turned forever away The heavens and earth could fall all around [Read More]

Tasks from crowdfavorite.net

I found this online, tried the free 30 day hosted trial, loved it so much I shelled out the 30$ to buy the single user version and installed in on my web-server! I love it you can track tasks anywhere, it even works on a mobile device/phone

CrowdFavorite’s Tasks

Exile MM2k Scripts

I finally uploaded (some) of my MudMaster2k Exile Scripts!! 

I know it’s been a while since I’ve found them but I’ve been busy… 

MM2k Scripts

MM2k Script! Found at last!

I was cleaning up my website stuff and poking around and went what ever happened to my geocities web site? so I go look and it’s still there…WOW…years later… and it still has all the MM2k Script that I build for exile! I’m going to try to get them posted up here in the next few days!